Deep, in the Dark, the Cogs turn and grind. Caught up in the depths of Sharn a small family of goblins eke out their existence, providing the euphoric substance of Dreamliily for the other down-trodden inhabitants in the lowliest levels of Sharn, City of Towers.

Beset by ogrish competitors and poor income,the eldest Bruvva Snarky; a Bomb wielding Maniac and the Youngest, Krootag; an aspiring Assassin take up adventuring to bring additional income to their impoverished family, and to find lost treasures of the once great Darkaani Empire, with their Warforged Bruvva (Junior), who desperately tries to emulate the Goblin’s habits and mannerisms.

Mamma Grimbladder eagerly awaiting each new trinket as she hopelessly runs the Business into the ground.

This is the story of the Grimbladders, and the depraved, insane and brotherly rise to greatness.

“Sha’va, Not in da face!”

In gLod wE TrysT

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